Fun & Fitness for kids!
Fun & Fitness for kids!


Get ready to get moving! Gymnastics Central now offers dance classes! We offer hip-hop and jazz combination class for ages 5 and up.  Our Hip-Hop/ Jazz combo is a fun, upbeat class consisting of a warm-up, 20 minutes of hip-hop, and 20 minutes of jazz!  Both hip-hop and jazz are fun, high energy dance classes that use age-appropriate, upbeat music.  Each class begins with a stretch, followed by basic isolations (head, shoulders, arms, etc.).  Throughout the session, kids will learn basic hip hop and jazz steps such as chasses, kicks, pivot turns, grape vines, jazz squares, and so much more!  The kids will also be learning small dance combinations throughout the session to showcase the steps and tricks they are learning in class.


Call the front desk for more info!

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