Fun & Fitness for kids!
Fun & Fitness for kids!

T&T High Tech Camp 

High Tech 2023 has ended. We had a blast! Check back again for more information about the 2024 camp.

Roundoff & Back Handspring Clinic

January 13th

1:15 - 2:45 PM

$20 per child

Ages 7+


Join us for a roundoff & back handspring clinic at Gymnastics Central!


During this training experience, your child will learn the fundamental form and technique to eventually perform a strong back handspring! Please keep in mind that your child may not achieve their goal of completing a back handspring or roundoff back handspring after just one clinic as these skills take time to build and execute. Our staff knows this and is ready to offer the support your athlete needs as they work to meet their individual goals.


Please note that coaches are recruited per clinic, so the staff at each monthly clinic may vary, but all are well-trained on how to spot and instruct roundoffs and back handsprings.


All participants must be, currently, (or have been within the past six months) enrolled in at least a level 2 class at Gymnastics Central. Our coaches do also recommend that athletes be able to perform a bridge kickover to get the most out of these clinics. If your athlete already has a back handspring, our coaches are prepared to work back handspring progressions and add on to the skills they already have! 


If you have any questions, or of your child does not meet the enrollment requirements but they would still like to participate in the clinic, please reach out to the office.

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